Discover the career path of Thijs, IT Support Engineer

Meet Thijs, IT Support Engineer, and discover how he has grown his career. From being a warehouse worker to manning Operations Support — he shares his story about onboarding, growth, and projects.

As a child, I was fascinated by technology, and this soon led me to choose IT as my field of study. After a detour in my career working in a warehouse, I reconnected with the IT world through a relative, which reignited my passion for technology. I started evening classes, noticing a significant difference from high school, especially in the hardware and software fields. After completing evening classes, I actively applied for jobs for a year but often received negative responses due to my profile not fitting the typical mold.”

The onboarding at Bizztalent went very smoothly. It was clearly structured, involving a thorough contract discussion where all details were reviewed, followed by quick and efficient integration.”

At one point, Bizztalent contacted me to discuss the job possibilities in their organization. We had an interesting conversation, and then two potential projects were proposed. After an interview with the leader of the project that best matched my profile, I received a positive response and started my first project. My previous experience as a warehouse worker now proves to be invaluable in my current role as an IT Support Engineer, as I have insight into the operational floor, for example how logistical processes work. This knowledge allows me to build a bridge between digital technologies and practical production environments.

I found the onboarding at Bizztalent very smooth. It was clearly structured, involving a thorough contract discussion where all details were reviewed, followed by quick and efficient integration.

When I started as Operations Technology Support, I noticed that I could improve some skills here and there to better my performance on the job. I reported this to the HR colleagues at Bizztalent, and they offered some solutions. Initially, we had internal discussions to identify project requirements and to evaluate more broadly how I could enhance my role as an IT professional. During this process, I faced challenges in drafting formal emails and the tendency to respond positively to all requests. Working on this would have a positive effect on myself and others. Together with the HR department, we decided that I should take an assertiveness course and the Customer-Oriented Communication’ course offered by Bizztalent. These courses significantly contributed to my professional growth and development.”

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I find setting up and configuring switches and networks challenging in a good way, and the fact that I can grow my skills in this field is fantastic.”

As Operations Support, my daily tasks encompass various responsibilities. Firstly, it’s my duty to keep the production environment operational. This involves maintaining, updating, and replacing thin clients, switches, servers, and badge readers. Additionally, I focus on keeping various server and computer rooms on the site operational. I also provide support to users at other sites in Belgium, the United Kingdom, and France.

What I enjoy most about my work as Operations Support is building trust and having the opportunity to expand my expertise into network configuration and implementation. Setting up and configuring switches and networks are fields I find fascinating, and the fact that I can gain skills in this area is fantastic. Another aspect of my work that I find captivating is the challenge involved in solving difficult problems. I strive to provide successful outcomes to those in need, and that gives me great satisfaction. The fact that within IT, I have a broad range of possibilities to explore is a huge plus for me. Ideally, I would like to specialize in networks and grow further in this field.

Although I face daily challenges as an IT consultant, I have the freedom to analyze difficult projects and find suitable solutions. Proper preparations are crucial, such as when installing a new switch, and thorough organization is essential, especially when managing server racks with numerous cables and equipment. These components form the central nervous system of production, and if something goes wrong, it directly impacts our operational efficiency. Organizing and coordinating projects present a fascinating challenge, and interaction with my colleagues adds extra dynamism to my work. An example of such a project is the migration of thin clients to reject screens, where I play a crucial role.

The follow-ups within Bizztalent are going very well. As IT consultants, we are regularly contacted to inquire about our well-being and whether there are areas where they can support us or help us improve. They also ask how I’m doing, both personally and at work. Once, when there was an issue that made me feel anxious, HR followed up on this effectively, and I was more than satisfied that I was being listened to. I received valuable feedback and personal advice on how to handle the issue. Additionally, I regularly receive calls asking about the project’s progress. The first question is always, Can we do anything more for you?”, and that can’t be bettered.”

What truly sets Bizztalent apart from other IT consulting companies is that I can reach someone promptly when I have something on my mind.”

As an IT Consultant at Bizztalent, I have ample opportunities to expand my knowledge. There is one mandatory course, ITIL, that is expected to be completed first. After that, you have complete freedom to choose your own training courses. ITIL is a somewhat theoretical training with a smattering of management jargon thrown in for good measure. I understand totally why it’s essential to take this course as it forms the basis of IT service management. My next goal is to obtain the CCNA certification, and I am wholly confident I can rely on the support of Bizztalent to achieve it.

For me, Bizztalent stands out from the crowd not only because they provided me with a job opportunity after a lengthy search for work but also because of their door’s always open’ approach to accessibility. Knowing that I can reach someone without delay to discuss questions or concerns reassures me that they genuinely care about my well-being, something that is very important to me.”

"Bizztalent is a young and dynamic company that radiates a lot of energy. They are very welcoming and informal."- Feedback from employee survey 2021

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