Our culture

At Bizztalent it feels like coming home. As a consultant, you are the core of our business, so it is only natural to pamper you. We want to know you, what drives you and what makes you happy. In other words: we focus on the human aspect of consultancy. As it should be.

Personal & professional growth
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We involve you in the growth of our company

We have to be honest about it. Without your IT skills, we cannot shine. It is therefore only natural to involve you in the things we undertake as Bizztalent. For this, a warm and personal relationship is indispensable.

We ask for your opinion
. During a cosy lunch or a short phone call, it is entirely up to you. As long as we can listen to what you have to say — and how we can ensure an even better working environment.

Would you like to help us grow?
Every quarter, you can participate in our Bizztalent Brainstorm group where we work on different themes and growth opportunities.

In other words: with us, you as an IT consultant will not be left to your own devices after placement, but will remain one of us’ in the first place.

We take care of your growth and skills

At Bizztalent your growth comes first. It is our responsibility to make sure you are challenged, happy and able to keep excelling in your expertise. To guarantee this, we work with an active evaluation plan that is based on three pillars.

We will monitor you and your progress

We don’t leave you to your own devices. Our HR coach contacts you every two months to ask how everything is going, whether you are still satisfied and what you might need to feel even better. You will also have your own dedicated account manager who will monitor you and your projects. This tandem will ensure that you always have someone to turn to.

We ask our clients for feedback

Our HR coach sends the client (usually bi-annually) a feedback document that asks about your performance. We’ll ask feedback about your work, such as technical skills, administration and requirements, but also about your soft skills: how do you fit into a team, how are your communication skills, and so on.

We listen to your experiences and respond to them

When we receive the client’s feedback, we ask you to rate yourself on the same criteria. Together with your HR coach, you will compare the results — and talk about the differences. This conversation ends with a preview of the coming year: what are the next steps, what is important to you, what training do you need, what more do you need from us to grow, …

To support this evaluation plan, we recently launched a new educational programme to guarantee your growth.

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‘Fun’ is implied in the job description

Besides personal and professional growth, we also like to make plenty of time for fun. We often organise entertaining (online and offline) events, where you get the chance to meet your colleagues from other projects. 

Enjoy a drink and a bite to eat on the side — and discover that unique Bizztalent ambiance!

"Bizztalent is a young and dynamic company that radiates a lot of energy. They are very welcoming and informal."- Feedback from employee survey 2021

Testimonials from our IT consultants are more than just words on a screen.