Our educational programme

Within the IT sector it is important to be on top of your game — and to keep optimising your knowledge and skills. Bizztalent fully commits itself to this. With our brand new educational programme we help you to get where you want to go. Tell us your future plans, vision and goals — and together we will look for the education that suits you best.

An educational programme that plays to your strengths

We take into account your skills, areas of improvement, personal interests and learning styles. This way we guarantee a stable and lasting growth at Bizztalent — and make sure you will be challenged in your field of expertise. Through a balanced combination of education for hard and soft skills, we prepare you for future projects

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Year one: ITIL4 & best practices

The ITIL4 methodology is used in many environments. This course will give you proper insights in the way IT works and its best practices, making this a very valuable first course.

What to expect

● You receive a set of course materials that you study independently.

● You will have access to a platform with different test exams.

● You take the ITIL 4 exam online at a time of your choice.

● After you have received your ITIL 4 certificate, we’ll look at other courses…

Good luck!

Year two: communication, technical and recreation

Communication training

You kick off this year with an interactive online classroom training in which you will learn how to communicate effectively in the workplace. Active listening and using different communication styles? No problem!

Technical e‑learning courses

Depending on your personal interests, we opt for an MS Desktop Administrator training course (divided into 2 parts: MD100 and MD101) or a network-oriented training course, CCNA. These courses are a combination of theory and practice via virtual lab environments.

Personal training

This training does not have to be work related, but may be linked to your own hobby or personal interests. However, it is important that you have completed your professional training first.

Starting from year three: a tailor-made trajectory

This year we continue to build on the certificates and experience gained. We put together a tailor-made programme based on your personal interests and goals in future projects.

You can focus on the further development of technical skills, or opt for interpersonal training (such as communication, languages, coaching, etc.).

This year is completely up to you: choose between e‑learning, classroom courses or evening school courses — depending on your personal learning style.

Personal training

Similar to the second year, you can take up a personal training course of your choice.

Job interview training

During your career at Bizztalent, we will prepare you in the best possible way for job interviews concerning new projects. When we are looking for your next challenge, your account manager will schedule and personally give this training.

Which things are important to keep in mind? Which questions can you expect? What does a Bizztalent CV look like? How will we prepare you? You will get an answer to all these questions and more!

Graduated? Congratulations!

Did you pass? Amazing! In order to celebrate this personal success, we’ll give you a lovely certificate to hang on your wall, as well as a nice gift voucher to pamper yourself. Congrats, you have earned it!

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