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When we say that Bizztalent offers a lot of expertise, we’re not exaggerating. Our 130 or so IT consultants are trained and educated to assist you in those matters where you do not have the time, skill or energy for. All you have to do is contact us: we will look at your specific question and then match you with the perfect consultant(s).

Experts in infrastructure

There are many reasons that can cause a (temporary) shortage of qualified staff. The war for talent, for example, or too much work pressure. Whatever the reason, it is important not to dwell on this situation for too long.

And this is exactly where Bizztalent comes in: we offer the flexibility to strengthen your team with the IT infrastructure specialists you need at that moment.

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Every skill available

Are you planning to upgrade your IT environment to the cloud, do you need permanent helpdesk support or do you have an IT project that needs to be managed? Our consultants have the necessary expertise and skills to assist you! This is what you can expect…

  • Telephonic and on-site support in large IT infrastructure environments to help the end users of our customers with (complex) problems.
  • Support during large transfers, migrations or roll outs to Windows 10, cloud solutions, …
  • Setting up, maintaining and optimising large server, network and cloud environments. Our consultants always guarantee the quality of these systems and can handle any high-level incident.
  • They also like to put their expertise to use by cooperating in various IT innovation projects.

Our consultants

In order to guarantee the quality of all the above, it is important to bring in experts with a passion for IT. You can expect the following from every Bizztalent expert.

  • Each of our 130 consultants has experience with Windows, Linux/​Unix environments and Microsoft and/​or Apple products.
  • Our experts are motivated to learn new technologies and are aware of the latest developments in the IT landscape. Not very surprising: Bizztalent puts a lot of effort in offering courses and obtaining certificates such as ITIL 4 and MS.
  • Our project and service managers use their own expertise to guarantee the quality, availability, progress and performance of the delivered IT services.

Tailor-made IT consultancy

You decide on the type of profile you need, the necessary number of consultants and the duration of the project. We follow the same six steps for each project, so that we can offer each client the tailor-made qualitative solution they need at that moment.

Does this sound like what you are looking for? Contact us today — and we’ll get started on your project right away.

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