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Thanks to the perseverance of our current team, we have ensured a nice and stable growth of our company. Today, we employ over 130 IT consultants throughout Belgium. But… it doesn’t stop there.

We believe in the power of IT consultancy as a ground for success

At Bizztalent we are convinced that companies do not always need permanent employees. Often there is no time or budget for a long recruitment process, which slows down the desired growth.

Our flexible IT consultants are the perfect solution to this need for scalability. Looking for a way to up- and downscale quickly, in accordance to temporary projects or needs, without extra expense or administration? That is what we excel in.

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We focus on wellbeing, so our consultants can flourish

Work and private life influence each other — and that is something Bizztalent handles very consciously. We can only make our clients feel relaxed and carefree when our consultants are untroubled as well. By focusing on wellbeing, we get our consultants on top of their game — which will make them better equipped to tackle tomorrow’s problems.

We like to describe our consultants as genuine go-getters’. We expect this authentic go-getter mentality from each colleague: only by doing so can you build up the necessary expertise and make a real impact in the business where you end up in.

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Meet the Bizztalent backend team


Soheel Latifi

Operations Director Partner

More about Soheel

You can turn to Soheel for anything, both work-related and private, and he will do his best to help and advise you optimally.

The most exciting goal he is currently working on is the growth of the organization and seeing the puzzle pieces come together to take the next step. His biggest prospect is developing a self-managing team.

Outside of work, Soheel has various hobbies and passions. He enjoys listening to music, attending festivals, dining out with friends, and playing music himself. He is currently trying to make healthy eating and exercising a habit.

DSC1186 2 Edit

Nick Smeyers

Managing Partner

More about Nick

Nick, also known as Scarnick around the office, has a broad role that spans from sales, strategy, IT systems to general management tasks, and personally ensures that the salaries are paid. He enjoys the variety that his work brings and especially loves interacting with people.

In his free time, Nick enjoys cycling and kitesurfing. He prefers adventurous and cultural vacations and rarely has a quiet weekend.

Aside from his work, Nick is passionate about volunteering. He sits on the board of De Vlinderkens (an NGO for special youth care), where he devotes his time and energy alongside his family.

DSC1181 Edit

Jan Rombouts

Managing Partner

More about Jan

Jan is one of the partners and founders of Bizztalent. In addition to strategic policy and necessary number crunching, he strives to watch over the Bizztalent family like a good patriarch.

He loves traveling, good food, and a nice glass of wine. On weekends, you're most likely to find him on a hockey field, either as a goalkeeper or as a fervent supporter of his two daughters.


Yuri Pieraerts

Sales Manager

More about Yuri

Yuri is our Sales Manager in charge. In short, he is the person who navigates through companies to find interesting projects on their agenda. Projects where our IT consultants can develop themselves and showcase themselves as the driving force.

He feels right at home when that ideal match between client and consultant is found.

His interests on a personal level? Too many to list. From dreaming about a future in space, exploring other countries, to a huge passion for motorsports. The radar in his head never stops. Add a hefty dose of sports to that, and he feels right at home.


Louise Wieërs

HR Manager

More about Louise

Louise is our HR problem solver – as cliché as it may sound, it best summarizes what she does all day long. The most enjoyable aspect of her job is coaching and guiding consultants to ensure that we can grow together, being a listening ear and finding suitable solutions, developing our HR policies to continually improve for all employees, thinking creatively, and experiencing a different day every day.

She enjoys cooking and having an aperitif, tries to stay somewhat active (which sometimes works better than others), enjoys bargain hunting and decorating, going on city trips and walks with her partner and dog.

Louise also volunteers at DOMO Waasland, where she supports a disadvantaged family with a single mother and a 3-year-old son.


Jill Dewingaerden

HR Assistant

More about Jill

Jill is one of our 3 HR Officers. After 6 years, timesheets hold no secrets for her, and she ensures that both incoming and outgoing invoices are correctly booked. Additionally, she assists everyone with a smile with all HR-related questions about topics like leave, sickness, and so forth. But perhaps most importantly, she ensures timely calculation and payment of salaries and helps everyone (with a smile) with all HR-related queries regarding this matter.

In her free time, she prefers to spend time with her partner Freek and their 2 sons, Oliver and Ethan.


Andries Hofman

HR Officer

More about Andries

Andries is an HR Officer in the HR team. He is responsible for our fleet and keeps up with current affairs to ensure the correct application of labor laws and updates our HR policies. Andries is happy to answer all kinds of HR questions, from sickness and vacation to company cars.

In his free time, Andries is passionate about volunteer work. He serves as a personnel manager and is part of the Board of the organization Wel Jong VZW. You can often find him here outside of working hours.

Additionally, he also enjoys going for drinks on a terrace with friends or dining out.


Elien Mertens

Recruitment Consultant

More about Elien

Elien works as an HR Officer at Bizztalent. She started out as a Recruitment Consultant at Bizztalent. Although she enjoyed this role, she noticed that she wanted more contact with the consultants. She sought a fun new challenge in Learning & Development. Hence, she became the new HR Officer in our fantastic HR team! She oversees the training, evaluations, interview coaching, and other aspects related to our Bizztalent consultants. She will also ensure that we promote Bizztalent effectively at schools during job fairs.

In her free time, she spends time with her partner, family, and friends. Snuggling up on the couch and watching TV, going on fun trips, enjoying terrace drinks, dining out, and taking beautiful walks are things that make Elien extremely happy.


Kristof Delbart

Marketing Coordinator

More about Kristof

Kristof is our Marketing Coordinator. He designs and manages the marketing strategy, creates content, and is he is the in-house photographer. He enjoys bridging the gap between internal employees and our IT professionals in various locations.

His hobbies include meeting up with friends to catch up or going on mountain biking tours together. While on vacation, he enjoys embarking on adventurous hikes to then recover the next day with a refreshing drink on a beach chair.

Outside of work, he is actively involved in landscape photography and supports a charity aimed at combating shark hunting.


Nikola De Pesseroy

Senior Consultant

More about Nikola

Nikola is the Recruitment Manager for the Support team within Bizztalent. He advocates for the interests of every IT Consultant in that team, whether directly as an Account Manager or indirectly by collaborating with the recruiters. His priority is ensuring that everyone feels comfortable in their roles and, above all, that they can grow within Bizztalent.

He practices crossfit as a hobby to stay in shape, balancing it with his other hobby of enjoying good food. Recently, he started taking lessons to learn kitesurfing.

On vacation, Nikola enjoys seeking new experiences, adventure, and beautiful scenery. Skiing is also one of his regular holiday outings!


Nils Goethals

Senior Consultant

More about Nils

Nils strives to connect people and candidates throughout Belgium in IT consultancy. Everything from support profiles to systems/networks/Cloud & DevOps/projects is what you'll find at Bizztalent. And guess what? That's exactly what he has specialized in.

Now, onto the good stuff: in his free time, binge-watching Netflix documentaries is a must, even in occasionally sunny destinations where he likes to spend time, that's the first thing on the agenda. He also tries to stay active by continuing his basketball career at a very amateur level, this veteran level sometimes pulls him completely away from work, which he greatly enjoys.

To sum up; let's connect for any of those things!


Maclow Sachem

Recruitment Consultant

More about Maclow

Maclow is part of the Recruitment Team at Bizztalent. He recruits the best IT professionals, searches for a good match between personal needs and projects. He enjoys helping candidates find their way during challenging times.

His hobbies include collecting sneakers, fishing, cryptocurrency, and cooking.


Robin Sterckx

Recruitment Consultant

More about Robin

Robin is a Recruitment Consultant at Bizztalent. He recruits the best IT professionals, or at least strives to do so on a daily basis.

By listening to your candidates and effectively engaging with them, you can go a long way. Being able to contribute to the realization of others' ambitions is one of the most enjoyable aspects of recruiting for Robin.

His hobbies include going on adventurous travels, grabbing drinks with friends, and attending festivals in the summer.


Anthony Maebe

Junior Recruitment Consultant

More about Anthony

My name is Anthony (Twanne or Tonnie is also allowed) and I am the newest member of Team Recruitment. In my role, I am responsible for the recruitment of passionate IT professionals and the extensive follow-up that comes with it. I get my satisfaction from the in-depth conversations that follow and I enjoy understanding the world of IT more and more that way. Having a better understanding of what their work entails, knowing what drives them in their career (and life) and what their ambitions are, is in itself what I like most about my job, because I am simply intrigued by people and value sincere, lasting collaborations.

My hobbies are reading books on self-improvement, fitness (recently also crossfit) and mainly travelling. Furthermore, I enjoy cosy dinners with friends and family, and am always open for a personal chat.

"Bizztalent is a young and dynamic company that radiates a lot of energy. They are very welcoming and informal."- Feedback from employee survey 2021

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