Referral programme

Bizztalent is always looking for new talent. Do you know someone who can fill one of our positions, whether it is an acquaintance, a friend, a family member or the person across the street? Do not hesitate to refer them to us. Because not only will you be helping someone find a great job, but you will also be personally rewarded for this…

How does it work, you ask?

Simple: when you refer someone to us, you get €1000 to spend on electronic material — after that person has been employed for three months, and has received a positive evaluation.

You can encourage someone to apply spontaneously, or refer someone to a specific position. And, oh: it probably goes without saying, but don’t forget to ask your candidate to mention your name: that way, we know we have you to thank for this new talent!

Do you know the perfect person to join Bizztalent?

Then don't hesitate to send them a text message to apply - and we'll do the rest. And hey... thanks!
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