The journey of an IT consultant: Yannick's growth

In this post, we share insights from Yannick. Yannick tells you about his favorite quote, the role he plays, his onboarding, and the training path he has followed at Bizztalent. Additionally, he provides two must-know tips for future IT professionals on how to develop in the IT sector.

Success is a journey, not a destination.” This quote stays with me permanently. It means that you always have to keep going because there is no final destination. Every day you have to prove yourself and do your best. I also have this quote as the background on my smartphone.

Success is a journey, not a destination.”

My roles as an IT consultant

As an IT consultant, I have worked with various clients on migrations from Windows 7 to 10 and from Office 365. During these projects, the migration usually went without a hitch. The computer is prepared through staging, then the data is neatly restored. The process is step by step; we schedule an appointment with the user, prepare the new computer, bring in the old computer, restore the data with or without the user, and finally, we check together with the user that everything is in order. We also provide support to the user and resolve issues related to the migration.

I also have experience of international activities. As a consultant, I worked on a major migration project from Windows 7 to 10 at the Benelux level. At various locations in the Netherlands and Luxembourg, we set up a migration network to facilitate the migration smoothly without overloading the LAN network. Together with the user, we performed the migration.

I am fortunate to have worked in various locations and met many interesting people. Occasionally, the rapport was better with some than others, nevertheless, I have learned a lot from the various projects and have come into contact with different kinds of systems and tools, such as hardware, software, and migration tools. I have always been able to switch to other tools in these locations, and as a result, have grown in stature through giving support and troubleshooting.

Currently, I am working on my sixth project at Bizztalent. I am responsible for managing meeting rooms in distribution centers, and looking after office printers, as well as coordinating and equipping new spaces. When suppliers arrive, I accompany them to the meeting rooms and explain the scope of the required work. Overall, I am mainly involved in coordination and administrative work, but if something goes wrong, I am responsible for troubleshooting. This can involve Dante networks, switches, and many more types of equipment.”

Want to know more about the Bizztalent culture?

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My growth and interest in technology began at a young age”

I started using a computer at a young age and quickly became addicted to it. It was my passion, and I worked increasingly more with computers. In addition, I began self-studying, searching for lots of information on YouTube and trying to copy processes. Having completed my studies and initial work experience, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a call one day from Louise at Bizztalent asking if I was interested in a position with them. You bet! Of course, I accepted, and since then have really enjoyed working for the company.

From the moment my onboarding began, I felt right at home and among friends. There is very little untoward pressure, and you are taken good care of. That makes a big difference because being valued as an employee motivates you to do your best and go the extra mile. I have never felt I was treated as just a number, which is not always the case in the world of work.”

I chose my own training path

Bizztalent offers excellent training programs, and the training platform itself is highly navigable. It is possible to study in a classroom or online, depending on your preference. Currently, I am working on Microsoft programs and have obtained the Microsoft 100 certificate. I am now focusing on Microsoft 101 and am busy with exercises on Vim. I cannot always work on these at the office because I have many other tasks to perform, but that’s not a problem for me.”

Tips for future IT professionals

Start with the basics, dive in, start handling as many calls as possible, solve problems.”

Be proactive: start with the basics, dive in, handle as many calls as possible, solve problems. Start with real support, first line, and build up from there. Then you will have moments such as: Wait, oh yes, I’ve seen that before!” Or, I’ve worked with that before and I noticed so and so. As your experience grows, you will find you become quicker to notice things, and benefit from that learning curve. With the experience I had built up, I was able to adapt quickly to many situations because I had worked with so many different types of tools.

An additional tip: take an hour off and get involved in some aspect of IT. Choose something extra such as a tool you can use, for example. This may sound fairly basic but it’s the reality, it’s how you get ahead. You will gain more insights, understand more, and taking that with you, you will enjoy your work more because your expertise will enable you to find answers more quickly. Keep studying; it shouldn’t cease the moment you achieve something or work solely with one client. The willingness to commit to life-long learning should be deeply ingrained in you.”

Bizztalent doesn’t care about race, appearance or religion. That's rather rare these days, and that's why I feel so good here.- Feedback from employee survey 2021

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