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How to hire IT talent

IT’s a tune that’s being played over and over again. IT Talent is difficult to find and difficult to reach. Nevertheless, if you want to stay competitive and follow the digital wave, you are forced to find ways to attract those IT Professionals. But don’t think it’s only your HR department that needs to be creative in finding those IT Infrastructure Talents. You as an IT leader can do several things as well to support your HR department and possibly gain a competitive edge in the war-for-talent. But what can you do? Where do you start?

In our white paper How to hire IT talent” we share a few basics about how you as an IT Hiring Manager can boost IT recruitment with your efforts.

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To put things short, this white paper gives an insight about:

  • Where IT Talent is hiding & how to divide your focus;
  • How to reach that IT Talent as an IT Manager

Where is IT talent hiding?

There are multiple places where IT professionals can be found. Identifying these places or talent pools” is one thing, but having a clear Talent Roadmap for your IT department is another. As an IT Leader, you will have a specific strategy for the technological innovations of the coming years. So it’s imperative to take your time and develop a specific strategy for your talent as well.

It’s a roadmap that will be tailored to your own organization and when mapped out correctly, you as an IT Hiring Manager can keep focus to find IT Talent in those specific places. It’s about defining your supply chain of talent. Whether that is internal or external.

How to reach IT talent?

You’ve defined where talent is to be found, but how do you reach them? In these times, an IT professional is spammed by Recruiters, and getting a hold of them is a daunting task. The most important thing to keep in mind as an IT Manager is to create value in the early stages. There is no use in sending a job offer right away. There is no value in it, and probably you’re already too late.

Creating value is about connecting unconditionally with IT professionals and sharing insights. It’s about gaining trust to convert the relationship in later stages.

But value creation can come from within as well. When you identify an internal talent pool, value creation goes hand in hand with employee experience and engagement. It gives you the opportunity to tap into those hidden IT talents within the organization.


Although the shortage in the IT sector is structural, it doesn’t mean that you as an IT Hiring Manager can’t take matters into your own hands. By setting up a clever structure, you can be an enabler for your HR department and find IT Talents faster than your competitors.

Want more insight into how to find & recruit IT Talent? Read about it in our white paper!

I need an IT-consultant