Case study: Expertise & seamless connection

Like many other fast-growing companies, Globachem faced several challenges, such as the tight labour market and the need to professionalise and standardise the IT organisation.

Philippe, IT manager at Globachem, highlighted the complexity of these issues: We made considerable efforts to establish IT processes and procedures and keep them up-to-date. In addition, we faced the challenge of selecting the right digital tools to manage all this valuable information.”

I need an IT-consultant


Globachem, a leading company in the agricultural sector, has a mission to support farmers and horticulturists in optimising their production. With a focus on innovation and registration of crop protection products, they contribute to the production of sufficient and safe food for the growing world population.

Globachem’s IT organisation is still quite young. About two years ago, they decided to set up an internal IT department, where previously this was outsourced to an external IT Service Partner. However, due to Philippe’s ambitious IT Roadmap, it soon became clear that they needed a strong IT Generalist to join the internal team. The focus here would mainly be on operational support to end users and support on a number of key digitalisation projects.

The challenges I faced at the time were the internal targets and the tightness in the market of Contingent workforce, especially for IT profiles. That also led me to start looking at the secondment market.” — Philippe, IT manager


Philippe was looking for a partner who understood Globachem’s specific needs, could offer open communication and was able to respond quickly and qualitatively. From an initial intake meeting, Bizztalent went to work on the specific competences Globachem was looking for in their new IT colleague.

Yuri, Sales Manager at Bizztalent, stressed the importance of a clear intake meeting: During such a meeting we not only look at the requested technical skills, but also try to sense what type of person or personality would fit within the environment. You can learn technical skills. A cultural fit is often more difficult. We are also strict in our screening. We aim for a maximum of 2 to 3 profiles that we present with a 95% match rate. The other 5% depends on the effective click between the client and the consultant. Only in this way can we ensure that our partners are supported quickly with a minimum of effort on their side”.

After just two interviews, Philippe met the right candidate for their environment. What was initially a three-month project has since grown into a long-term partnership of more than a year. In addition, we strive for continuous improvement by scheduling evaluation moments at regular intervals.


Globachem cultivated in-house expertise, empowering their internal IT team to expand and enhance their capabilities. This collaborative effort fostered a dedicated commitment to sharing valuable knowledge. Additionally, leveraging the IT consultant’s support yielded multiple benefits. The additional resources alleviated time constraints, allowing for a more concentrated effort on streamlining and standardizing workflow processes. This, in turn, resulted in enhanced efficiency and heightened security measures.

Philippe concludes: As a company in full growth, you sometimes have to look at alternative formulas. Bizztalent’s staffing solution was a valuable choice for us there. We were helped quickly with the right expertise, noticing a positive impact for both IT and the entire organisation. I can proudly say that the IT department within Globachem has now become a real business partner”.

I need an IT-consultant